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The research of the division is mainly concerned with two particular domains of naval architecture:


The division has a long tradition in the field of calculating floating steel constructions, especially the effect of wave forces. A thorough knowledge of inland shipping, including in estuary conditions, has been built up.


Vessel size is continuously increasing. Especially in restricted areas, as is the case for navigating the Belgian ports, the behaviour of larger scale ships is significantly different. The hydrodynamic research of the maritime technology division therefore focuses on the manoeuvring behaviour in those restricted areas. Research topics are for example the probability of contact between keel and bottom due to squat or the wave climate, interaction with banks and other ships, interaction with mud layers. This research is mostly carried out in collaboration with Flanders Hydraulics Research where a towing tank for captive manoeuvring tests and two full bridge ship manoeuvring simulators are available.

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