Dr. ir. Maxim Candries

Dr. ir. Maxim Candries

Dr. ir. Maxim Candries
Mob. +32 (0)486787597
ORCID 0000-0002-2598-7513


Maxim Candries is researcher at the Maritime Technology Division at Ghent University, Belgium. He graduated at Ghent University with a Master of Science in Naval Architecture and obtained his PhD at Newcastle University. The main part of his research focuses on the manoeuvring behaviour of ships in shallow and confined waters.

Research topics

  • Ship manoeuvring
  • Ship hydrodynamic interactions (bank, bottom, other vessels, moored vessels)
  • Ship manoeuvring simulations
  • Fouling and antifouling technology
  • Ship performance


The full publication list can be found here

Scientific career

  • May 2010 – present: Researcher at the Maritime Technology Division, Ghent University